Friday, August 13, 2010

The Dream Job

I think the dream job to have would be to be paid to travel to haunted sites and to write about what you experience there. Although I'm sure that most sites that claim to be haunted are indeed a farce, I'm also pretty sure that there are more than a few extraordinary cases that are in need of documentation. I think the most truly haunted places are not even known by the public and it is these places that I am interested in. Places with an often gory past and have phenomenon happen on a regular basis. To spend a night in such a place would be simply divine! At least for me. If you are lucky enough to feel the presence of a ghost, whether good or evil, it is a experience that you will carry with you your entire life. How wonderful!
Working in a graveyard or a mortuary would also be nice, but I'd prefer the former. So much more to see and feel!

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