Monday, August 9, 2010

A question of fate

The thought of the concept of fate is enough to keep anyone awake at night. It is the concept that no matter what sort of steps you take in life, the outcome is predetermined. so, in essence, if you try your hardest to be something positive, productive, and successful and your meant to be nothing but mediocre then that will be your end result. I have mixed feelings for such a concept. I feel that any situation can be influenced and altered depending on the character and grit of the individual facing it. But, when I take a hard and unbiased look at countless stories that tell me otherwise, it truly does make me think. If it is indeed true that all of our lives have with them some sort of prearranged pattern if you will, then where does that pattern include the factors of choice, cause and effect, and otherwise? I guess I will never know. Fate itself leaves a lot of room open for similar questions. And we must ask them. For because of fate not everyone is meant to experience the finer things in life and if there are ways to circumvent fate and actually experience anything that we desire, It would be nice to find out about them. Before I die, I hope I discover exactly that.

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