Saturday, September 4, 2010

A reason to live

Usually with a story, I have to inch my way to progress. It happens every time I put a pen to paper. I marvel at writers who can just breeze their way through their work without having to deal with writers block and so forth. But chances are these very same writers are probably not as meticulous as myself when it comes to my work. Being a perfectionist, as a writer, is second nature. Every word must be perfect. No exceptions. Such a demand from myself requires a lot of painstaking effort, but I feel it is worth it. The feeling you have when complete a story that you are proud of is the best euphoria a person can have, In my honest opinion. I don't simply want someone to read my work, I want them to FEEL it in their every being! I want to shock them. I want to alter their perception on reality as a whole and have them question their very life and purpose. And I never want them to experience a healthy night of sleep again! It is that necessity to move people with my wicked words that I still continue to write. It is my salvation. My reason to carry on with life!

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