Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to Scotland

I had to change my plans for Halloween this year. Originally I was supposed to go to New Orleans to view the grave of Marie Laveau, the voodoo priestess. That plan unfortunately become sidetracked. So, instead of procrastinating and wasting valuable time I have decided to once again get out my passport and visit Edinburgh Scotland. This time things should be significantly different. The last time I went to Scotland, I wasn't a twice published author (I actually looked up several sources while I was there to see if they were interested). Of course I am going to see a lot of the sights I saw while I was there last time. Especially the haunted graveyard, Greyfriars Kirkyard. There is a history to it that is quite interesting. It is supposedly Haunted by a specter known as the Mackenzie poltergeist, the restless and evil spirit of 'Bloody' George Mackenzie. This entity is supposed to be able to touch the living. The last time I went there no such event happened, but a woman did pass out possibly out of fear (all the ghost tours are done precisely at midnight). Hopefully this time things will be different. I also plan to see more of the Highlands as well and anything else that I missed the last time.

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