Saturday, September 18, 2010

A valid question

I have had a pretty productive week, as far as writing is concerned. My new story 'One Night in Csejthe' is coming along rather nicely. I also keep running into circumstances that constantly remind myself that I'm definitely different than other people. You know, things that keep reminding me I'm a freak. Not that it's a bad thing. I love it especially when certain people act like they are superior to me in some fashion. I have learned to laugh such instances off. But, they do well to let me know just who I am! There truly is no escaping it. I don't know if I can honestly say I'm used to it because the truth is that you never really get used to it. But, then I ask myself a question I have asked millions of times. "Would you rather be normal?" And that question holds significant validity for me. I believe there is a reason for everything. I feel that 'normal' people, for the most part, live their life void of passion and purpose. They all seem happy enough to be a part of the masses. To be nothing special in the grand scheme of things. When one considers that, one must understand that it's a reality that must be avoided at all costs. Yes, I may be physically hideous. Yes, I may be eccentric to a fault. Yes, I may even be considered 'Evil'. But, there's only one of me! Who else can actually say that?

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