Monday, September 27, 2010

Hustling while you wait

'Everything comes to he who hustles while he waits.' Words of wisdom from Thomas Edison himself and to writers I believe this statement hold sincere truth. I have seen several people, once they were published, lose all of their work ethic and forget that getting published is only a small part of the whole journey. Next comes marketing and a slew of other activities that can be less than desirable at times. It's almost the same as when you see someone who has graduated from a very prestigious university. They feel that the worst is over and now opportunities will be coming to them effortlessly. Little do they know that graduation is merely the beginning and now they have to compete with other fellow graduates as well as people who have more experience than they do. For writers, I believe that you always have to stay motivated no matter your current situation. Even if you are well established, if you decide to rest on your laurels there is a great chance that you might miss several chances to promote yourself even further. And anyone who is anyone realizes that success, although rewarding and wonderful, is definitely not permanent.

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