Sunday, October 16, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'6. 'The Lady of the Fog'

This next excerpt is from the last story from my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It is also the last in the series of excerpts from my books that I have shared until I publish my next book, which should be done sometime next year. This excerpt is promptly titled 'The Lady of the Fog'.

'...The light of the moon would allow me to catch a very limited glimpse of my surroundings. Although the fog could literally be cut with a knife, I was able to see what looked like a woman. The beats of my heart were uncontrollable, for even from a distance you could see she was well endowed. As I approached, her beauty revealed it's true magnificence. Through the fog, it was of beauty that was of unequaled grace. Seeing so feminine a creature, it was of my sworn duty to offer her assistance. I slowed my horse to a halt. "My lady, these woods can be treacherous at night. Please allow my escort." The woman said nothing. I, for a moment, was silent as well. Her beauty was captivating. Stealing the very breath from my chest. The pause between us drifted me away from my senses. I found myself ignoring the dangers of the forest and getting off my steed. I caressed her and tried to touch my lips to hers only to have her look away and gently turn from me. Slowly she walked away from me, but before she was swallowed by the fog she gave me one last look. A look that haunted me the rest of my days....'

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