Thursday, October 13, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'5. 'Hell is for Heroes'

The next excerpt from my book 'Behold the Darkness' is from the fifth story, 'Hell is for Heroes'.
It was the first story I wrote about the Demon E'ferries. I have written several since. Essentially, the story consists of the demon boasting of all of his Hellish exploits....enjoy!

'It is my passion to reveal to the Almighty that mankind is nothing more than a sniveling dog. It is for this that I was banished from my celestial origins. Banished I may be, but I am not helpless. For many a war have I started, and I have claimed many a soul. So many in fact, that one day Heaven may be empty. Several celebrations have I had in indulgence to this fact, and I shall have several more...'

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