Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'2. 'Lord Immortal'

This next excerpt is from the second story from my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It it titled 'Lord Immortal'.

'The routine was ordinary. And it had been that way for years. Morning-breakfast and medications. Afternoon-lunch and more medications. Evening-dinner and final medications. Afterwards came sleep. No patients were allowed to leave their padded cells or to have contact with others. No visitors were allowed. Showers were scheduled to the minute once a day. No exceptions.
One could argue that the measures taken were quite tyrannical, but to the Fenton state asylum for the criminally insane, such measures were considered a necessary evil. Through it's sullen halls and padded cells were kept some of the most vicious and animalistic perpetrators. Every crime conceivable were they capable, and convicted of. And because of this, not a one of them would be regarded lightly. Especially inmate #E7-116.
On the outside he was known by the few who knew him as Milner. According to those few, he lived in quite the normal fashion. There were no indications that he had the ability to commit the heinous acts bestowed upon him. They had actually stated that, although withdrawn and isolative, he was nothing less than decent. The acts committed by him would tell you something different....'

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