Saturday, October 1, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'1. 'The Darkness awaiting'

This month, just as the previous two months, I shall share with you excerpts from one of my books. These next excerpts, which I shall share throughout the month, are from my third book 'Behold the Darkness'.
The first excerpt from that book is from the first story titled 'The Darkness Awaiting'.

'He could see nothing. In the barren wasteland of which he now found himself, all light had been eclipsed by darkness. Panic-stricken he dared not move, for he could hear them. Their twisted jeers and laughter of cruelty. The same ones from the beings that had brought him to this place. This spiritual prison. Dreading their return to him, his breathing was heavy. Experience had already shown to him the brutality they were capable of. Although it was beyond painful he had no choice but to accept that this, this land of desolation and putrescence, was his final and unredeemable destination. His earthly life had expired and there are no coincidences in the afterlife, something he had found out in the most brutal fashion. There was no peace in the darkness. Fear plagued his entire being. The fear to speak. The fear to move. The fear to even think. In the darkness, one's whole being was punished simply for existing....'

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