Friday, October 7, 2011

Excerpts from 'Behold the Darkness'3. 'Evil Unveiled'

This next excerpt is from the third story in my book 'Behold the Darkness'. It is titled 'Evil Unveiled'.

'....As the train pulled in to the countryside station, the trains loud whistle woke Annae from her daydreams. Exiting the train, she stopped to obverse her surroundings. Forests, mountains, and a few homes that barely resembled a village. The village looked deserted. Not a soul was present. And as Annae looked a little closer, she could see that on one of the village homes there were symbols painted on it. Annae moved towards the painted symbols to get a closer look. What she found confused her. She did not understand. Three crosses were next to each other. One large and two small. Annae had been to church several times and had indeed seen crosses before, but these crosses were turned upside down. As Annae stared at the symbols and tried to make sense of them, her thoughts were interrupted. "You must be Annae." Annae turned around to see a beautiful, middle aged woman dressed elegantly in black. "I am Matilda. Your Aunt. Come now shall we."....'

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