Friday, July 16, 2010

A sad and unfortunate fact

You start to understand your true level of persistence pertaining to your goals when life throws a curve ball at you. For me, it has been a series of curve balls, but I refuse to allow myself even the thought of relenting my dreams. Getting published was, by itself, a total hardship. Now that I have accomplished that, I find myself faced with an even more daunting task of marketing my books. With all of the readily available technology suited for mass apparel, you would think that reaching a large number of people would not be that difficult. In truth, It's not so much the reaching them but the acquiring of their attention and interest that proves itself troublesome. I have to remind myself everyday that the number of people that don't read is growing everyday. It is a sad unfortunate fact. And the number of people that read Horror literature is even fewer. I plan on changing that fact, but first I must look at the root cause. After all, Illiteracy, in my personal opinion, is almost a disease. But perhaps it is not illiteracy at all. Some people maybe jaded from all the regurgitated material produced by so many authors. Some may or may not enjoy horror. And then the fact that just makes me sick, some people are apparently too lazy to read. Everyone who enjoys sitting on their laurels and watching television must remember that every movie or T.V show started as a book or screenplay. Without the imagination of writers, from any genre, their precious shows would not exist.
I have seen my vision. I have continued to live it. And I will no matter if a generally simple minded public accepts it or not. After all, It's their loss.

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