Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Love of the Ghost Story

I wonder if there is anyone alive that doesn't love a good old fashioned ghost story. One that is especially terrifying and may even give people nightmares. It is those which are my utter favorites. The ghost story theme is one I try to emulate with my writing style. My trip to Edinburgh, Scotland made me realize just how much I loved the ghost story. While there I purchased a book on Gothic classics made by obscure authors. I was surprised how similar my style of writing was to these same writers who lived over a century before I was born!
While it is indeed unfortunate that this particular theme, along with every other I might say, is over used or used in a sometimes nonsensical fashion (IE. Casper) I hope to bring back the roots of what made this genre and tradition great. With that said, I very much believe in ghosts.

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