Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A few dark poems

Aside from being a writer of short stories (I have written 24 of them so far and I am currently working on my 25th) I also write the occasional dark poem. I don't know how many I have written, But I do enjoy writing them. Here are a few of them:

"I'm the reason why you lock your doors at night, Sadistic in my mind,
Unequaled in my might. And I love to hear, How mankind thinks it knows,
The reasons why I kill, and the fondness that it sows.
Although a normal look I offer, wholly hides my true intent
Deep inside my heart is twisted, wanting, craving your torment.
Because I have no fear of man, Because I know the lies
There's always chance to spill his blood, Because it satisfies!"

"Tonight my feet will race to the gates, Where hallowed earth and Evil awaits
The place where the dead will surely find sleep, Amidst cold and fog, Melancholy
Tis there that my tongue shall utter the phrase,
My fingers and palms caressing the graves
For the moonlight it grips me, alongside with fear
The Dark one is coming and temptation draws near!"

"True magic I have, The kind you can't see
Can read all your thoughts and knows all your dreams
It can see all the pain that you've had in your life
Perceives all your struggles and knows all your strife
You think your alone when you turn out the light?
I'm the part of your mind that gives you the fright!"

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