Thursday, April 29, 2010

pleasure and pain: A horror writers journey 5

Obscurity. What is it? How does one get there? You see, to me, this is the absolute worst predicament a person can find themselves in. This is a condition no different than any other disease on the planet.
It truly is a wonder how many people actually find themselves there. I guess I can include myself among them. But it is definitely something I'm not proud of. The whole point of being a writer is to have your work known. Believe me, I'm not what you would consider a fame-seeker, but an audience would be nice. I mean where would any writer be if nobody wanted to read their work?
For years I have searched for the answer to the obscurity enigma, and I guess the only solution I have come up with is perseverance. It's kind of funny, because by the time you finally conquer obscurity(if you ever truly do), it might take so long that you might be a comletely different person, with different goals, interests, ect. So, that might be the price everyone pays for doing something that is worth remebering, or even paying attention to at all.
That thought has always disturbed me. The thought that no matter how hard I try or what I overcome, I still will be nowhere near where I want to be. I wonder if other people have the same concern? But then I remeber that maybe it doesn't matter how far you go with something. Maybe what really does matter is that you enjoy yourself in the process. Maybe it's the concept of fun that keeps people invovled in an endeavor no matter if it is going to put them on the 'Today Show' or not. I don't know. But what I do know is that horror excites me. And writing it, even more. The plots, the characters, everything. With that notion, I guess real obscurity is being stuck in a web with no passion or direction out of it. And I cant imagine anything more of a Hell than that!

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