Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pleasure and pain: A horror writers journey 3

There is no greater feeling than successfully completing a piece of work that you're proud of. It delivers a euphoria that people who have not, would never understand. I have felt this way for all the 24 short stories I have wrote. In a way, I consider them my children. Even if the characters and the plots are nothing less than degenerate, thats what they are to me.
After my terrible experience with my fraudulant would-be former publisher, I had to start from scratch. To tell you the truth, I thought about giving up the idea of being a writer entirely'
But, if you give up and betray your passions, you essentially live for nothing. Needless to say, I was trying again shortly after.
It was around that time that I learned that the old adage 'If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself' is worth its weight in gold. With the help of my then-girlfriend, I went through the hurdles of what is the publishing process. It was slightly costly and time comsuming, but, in the end, I was staring at my first ever published book. "Praise the Shadows".
A compilation of four of my previously done stories, I was very proud to say the least!
Then, of course, I had to learn that the publishing process was just the begining.
If you truly want to be successful you have to know how to market a book. Something I still dont consider myself very good at. Naturally, I tried to contact several book marketers. I think I must have contacted 15-25. Of all those I tried to contact, I was responded by only one. One! Maybe book marketing companies have better things to do than to market books, I dont know.
I also have sent my book out to many different people for review, none so far have responded but people, like success, take time I guess.
Regardless of all the difficulty it has been, I'm still very happy with the fact that I'm still published (and working on my second book!) and , of course, I'm still writing

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