Monday, April 26, 2010

Pleasure and pain: A horror writers journey 2

Let me start by saying that if theres anyone who has ever tried to publish anything and found it next to impossible, I feel your pain. There's really no words to describe the frustration you will feel when you find out that in the writing world, publication really depends on who you know not on how good your material is.
I had completed several short horror stories (the only kind of stories I write by the way) in my mid-20's, and was looking for a way to bring them to publication. I had tried to contact several well known publishing companies via querie letters to no avail. I think I must have wrote at least 60 without so much as a simple reply. In situations such as those we truly learn the value of persistance.
Eventually I did, in fact, become published. But that was not without hardship. Through that experience I learned, the hard way, that there are probabaly just as many swindlers in the publishing business as in used car dealerships. Luckily for me, I only had to deal with such a shady individual once. And I guess I was fortunate enough to have learned from the experience but it was costly. Three years of my time, $3600.00 (which I got back with the aid of an attorney), and premature gray hairs from all the frustating things she put my through. (the false promises, never being able to get a hold of her, never returning my calls, all the excuses, ect, ect)
The only advice I could offer if you think of publishing with an independent source is to weigh out your options and dont act in desperation. It just might compound your problems.

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