Wednesday, April 28, 2010

pleasure and pain: A horror writers journey 4

Have you ever had a dream? Something that possessed your senses so entirely that you had to pursue it no matter the cost? If your answer is yes then all I can say is, me too.
I don't know how different my life would be if I had chose another path instead of writing, and frankly I don't care. When you make such a decision, you will find out that most people will ridicule you. I have been labeled a reject and worse, a freak. But, if you think for one minute I would change anything as a result of other peoples' opinions, think again.
I think that a major motivational factor for me is that I can reach similar souls through my writing. I believe it is we, that select group of willing misfits that separate the majestic from the mundane. You know that old adage, "I would rather try something and fail than do nothing and succeed". I try to live by that motto. Hopefully I'm not alone in that respect.
At the moment I am in the process of publishing my second book, entitled 'Blessings of Death'. It is written in the similar style as my first book, only it is longer with six tales instead of four. The marketing process for my first book has been dismal to say the least, But, and I dont know why, I cant accept it as anything less than a blockbuster. I would feel that way even if reality showed me anything but that. I guess that is a result of myself being too foolish to know when to quit, and if that is the case, I say, wonderful.
Call me old fashioned, but I believe if a person is pursuing something for any other reason besides passion, then they are wasting their time. And what is funny, is that is the reason most often overlooked today for doing anything!

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