Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tis the Season!

Alas, the autumn season is upon us all once again! How I adore its melancholy yet majestic fervor. The shades of dying leaves and the grayish skies, I tell you, nothing moves me quite like this particular season! Even with the mundane simplicity surrounding me everyday with my full time museum job, I take a few moments out of each day and remember why it is that I completely marvel at this time of the year. The bonus of my favorite holiday occurring within its confines definitely doesn't hurt as well. When it comes to Halloween, the non-conventional traditions are what catch my fancy the most. That said, you probably won't find me in a popular setting surrounded by lots of people when I'd rather be exploring cemeteries, haunted sites, and, of course, writing horror! Every horror fan should appreciate the mood autumn brings to us all!
Happy Halloween to all!

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