Monday, October 6, 2014

Discovering online resources

Looking around lately, I've seen several online resources that can benefit writers. For instance, I've recently discovered the horror site 'Creepy Pasta' and even submitted a couple of my works for good measure. I very much appreciate such horror-specific sites, for they not only promote my absolute favorite genre they also give writers the much needed exposure they need to pursue their darkened dreams. '' is another one which I have explored, even if all other genre's are equally appreciated. The finding of such online resources excites me, as it should all writers. The geniuses of the past had no such resources so succeeding period depended heavily on personal connections. If you didn't have therm, chances were good that no one would ever hear of your work. It also gives me hope for the future, for if such sites are indeed popular, then literacy is most assuredly not dead!

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