Saturday, October 25, 2014

When Writers Attack

Whenever I see, or hear about fellow writers blatantly criticizing or insulting the works of their peers, whoever they may be, it really makes me question the quality of that said writers works. I mean, frankly, if you have the time to do that, than you're not putting 100% of your efforts into your work. I do my best to respect every writer simply for the fact that they are contributing to cure a common human detriment: Illiteracy. Its a happening that should not occur as much as it does, and while I admit I find most other writers particularly tawdry, I don't find within myself the right to act in such a pompous fashion. Its difficult enough to capture the collective imagination of the rest of the world with your own thoughts and feelings without having them crushed by someone who touts themselves as 'successful' in the writing world. Though such statements would serve no purpose towards me (I simply pay no attention to them) I'm sure there are those out there with much more sensitive natures than myself that would consider such an act damaging to say the least.

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