Thursday, September 1, 2011

Excerpts from 'Blessings of Death' 1 'The Old Sinner'

This month I will be sharing excerpts from my second book 'Blessings of Death'. I do hope you all enjoy them.
This first excerpt is from the first story 'The Old Sinner'.
'I met him years ago. Notorious and wicked and yet unknown to most of the world. When I met him his body was frail and his soul was faded with age. He hardly resembled the part of a monster. In the serene confines of the Hadley boarding house I made his acquaintance. An acquaintance I would be able to forget no matter my efforts. As he was regarded by the few who knew him as wholly evil, the name of Monteque Forrell has stayed with me these long years.
I was a young ambitious boy. Naive and impressionable. And as it had many times before, my journalistic ambitions had brought me to Hadleys. For, especially in those days, the memories and experiences of those who had lived out the majority of their lives commanded my interests. Be it a scholar, an adventurer, dignitary, and the lot. Unfortunately, the majority of people who I happened upon in Hadley were honestly quite normal and had lived quite simply. All that would change the day Forrell became a resident....'

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