Monday, September 12, 2011

Excerpts from 'Blessings of Death' 4 'The Knight of the Dragon'

The following excerpt is from the third story from 'Blessings of Death', and my personal favorite, 'Knight of the Dragon'.

'The gathering of the black mass. It was a foul sight. Half naked shrouded bodies covered the countryside. The element of ritual was clear. The reason was not. The twisted patterns of flesh remained constant. Howls of lust and madness filled the night sky. All that was obscene appealed to them. They were the children of darkness and soon the reason for this terrible ceremony would be known. Grunting and groaning, there was not a soul present not participating in the perverted festivities. And with good reason. Their worst would bring evils best- the son of perdition.
They usually met like this. This was their sacrament, their unholy sabbath. But tonight bore different tidings. Much more important ones.
After what seemed like hours of animalistic ravishing, the crowd of naked bodies focused their attention on a tall man in white robes. "I, high priest of the Order of the Dragon, hereby commence the coming of he, the beast of all prophecies. Let it be done."
Through the crowd a pregnant woman was escorted. She was beautiful and fair, yet heavily draped in black robes. She was unclothed and placed on the altar that stood in the middle of all the mass. A few minutes passed and she started going into labor. As she did, the high priest read aloud from a large red book. "Let he who comprehends know the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man. And his number is 666." As his voice grew louder in reading, the woman's pains began to grow immensely. Her screams filled the silence and were followed by howls of madness from the crowd, for they knew his coming was near....'

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