Friday, September 9, 2011

Excerpts from 'Blessings of Death' 3. 'The Tale of the Torturer'

This next excerpt is from the third story from 'Blessings of Death'.
It's titled 'The Tale of the Torturer'.

'I have served Queen Bactria well. Perhaps too well. In the dungeons of winter castle, I took delight in her cause. The cause of evil. For giving pain to people seemed to please her and for this she employed me. For this was a trade that was not unknown to me. I can still hear the screams from the pain I caused, caused by her request.
My Queen was a beauty in every way imaginable. However, she possessed a heart of ice. Her family ancestry may have contributed to this. For it was made up of brutes, conjurers, and lust mongers. Perhaps the only lust my Queen indulged in was that of bloodlust. Whatever enemy made her path, be it land owner or nobleman, in did not matter. Their pain was her delight and my laborious endeavor...'

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