Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well, I hope you all enjoyed the following excerpts from my first book. The themes for each story are different, but very similar in the fact that they pertain to a dark aspect of human nature, and imagination. The influences of each story were different. 'The Chalice' I wrote because of my interests in witchcraft and the notion that certain objects hold within them vast power. Power that is both literal and symbolic. I also included my belief that there are consequences for every decision made in life. 'The Demon and the Heretic' was based on several tales I had heard about people making deals with the infernal for reasons of vengeance. And with this tale, as well as all the others I had heard, The person who does this does not get at all what they had bargained for. 'To the Gallows' was a story that was actually based on true incidents. Johannes Junius was prosecuted and charged as a Witch in Germany in 1628. He was tortured until he gave his tormentors a false confession that ultimately led to his execution. Hearing his tale, I felt obligated to share it with the rest of the world in the form of my own story. 'The Sabbat' was a story based on the occurrences of what happens at a black mass. While it is widely believed that most of what was said about such happenings is indeed false, I had never before read a story dedicated to such an event. And I felt it was well worth looking into. Next month, I will be sharing more excerpts of my second book 'Blessings of Death'.

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