Thursday, September 15, 2011

Excerpts from 'Blessings of Death' 5. 'The Call of E'ferries'

This next excerpt is from the fifth short story from my book 'Blessings of Death'. It is titled 'The Call of E'ferries'.

'The judgement had been made. A once bright and shining cherub had been cast out of the Celestial kingdom and forcefully driven into the pit. Having been found full of iniquity and pride, redemption would never again be an option to him. As his angelic brethren observed his defaming, the cherub hid his emotions well. Slowly, he was marched outside the gates of Heaven and as the cherub saw the gates close and lock his indifference turned to melancholy.
A single tear dropped from his untarnished face and instantly he let his true feelings of rage be known. "Banishment is not extinction! Banished though I am, I still exist! Though I cannot share my pain with you, Oh high one, I'm sure your cherished creation of mankind will be an easy task indeed. Let this be known! At every chance, at every instance, at every available moment shall I grace them. This I do promise unto thee. Mark my words!....'

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