Saturday, August 13, 2011

Excerpts from 'Praise the Shadows' 2. 'The Demon and the Heretic'

This excerpt is from the story 'The Demon and the Heretic':

'They say he was once a good man. They say a lot of things. If the circumstances are able, the light inside can escape all, even the most dignified of us. Such was this man's condition. For it had been nearly a decade since he was banished from the church. The institution that would have gladly burned him as well. It was truly a wonder that they let him live, But, he would be branded, as that of cattle. The shame he was forced to endure was beyond comprehension. Perhaps for the best-for Samael D'Lanquer replaced his benign spirit with one of pure contempt.
From the moment the steel touched his flesh, he dedicated his life to the dark arts and allowed hatred to grow. Fervently, he found his new passion. To make that wretched foundation pay with their blood.
With the mark of the Heretic upon his forehead, he secretly founded the 'Cathedral of the damned'. located within the nearby ruins of an old castle. Within the darkened walls of the Cathedral he summoned all demons and foul spirits who would make themselves present. Inquiring their unworldly wisdom and abilities, he made to them several promises. Promises that were expected to be fulfilled. Every night a ritual was conducted. A few candles lit the darkness of the castle and Samael would stand in the middle of a large pentagram, inciting strange words and incantations. After many unsuccessful attempts, an answer was made to his call.....'

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