Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Excerpts from 'Praise the Shadows' 4. 'The Sabbat'

The following is an excerpt from the last story from my first book 'Praise the Shadows'. It's properly titled 'The Sabbat'.

'....Within the meadow, outside the trees, he could see at least a hundred. Perhaps there were more. To the steady rhythm of drumming they, dressed in black clad, danced and twirled, laughing and howling like wolves. Contorting their bodies into somersaults and hurling the most blasphemous terms known to man. It was clear to him that they were consumed by madness.
In the middle of the meadow, there was a large throne-like chair. Upon the throne sat a strange looking creature. It had the body of a man, but the head and legs of a goat. As the dancing continued, this creature simply observed with amusement, not speaking or moving. Clearly, the festivities were conducted in his honor. Clearly, it was he who exacted authority over all who were present. All except for the lone hidden observer.
The dancing continued. As some leapt through the air, others crawled on all fours, even bending backwards and touching the ground. Forwards and backwards, their bodies moved at a furious pace. Above the dancing mob he could see the familiar flock of ravens, the same his wife had left with. She must have been somewhere in the crowd, but he could not see her. What he did notice was the goat of the throne gesturing with his left hand which signaled an end to the dancing. Soon all bodies became still...'

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