Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beware of frauds

Many up and coming authors should beware of frauds. They are usually easy to point out, but that is not always the case. Some seem quite sincere. Many also falsify credentials that makes it even more difficult to generally suspect them. One main point in identifying them is they usually exaggerate their ability, how many clients they have, and so on. They usually are very aggressive to get someone to purchase their services without wanting the person to look into what they are actually purchasing. And, this is the most important, they habitually put their personal lives over their profession and use this as a justification for not getting anything done on their behalf. Before considering doing business with anyone claiming to be a publisher, all up and coming authors should take a little time to get to know who ever it is they intend to work with. When and if it is considered, the next step is to get some form of written contract into play. If anyone ever suggests that you pay before any such document is concluded, that is a sure sign that they are only out to scam you. As with anything, all writers should make sure that all bases are covered. The well being of your finances, your work, and your sanity may just depend on it!

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