Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hard to relate

I must admit that it is indeed very difficult for me to relate to the majority of other people. It's not that I don't understand them, it's that I don't think that they understand me. I am, for the most part, extremely different from most of them. I have my own ways of doing things. I may be wrong, but I feel that the majority of people are so similar, that they are all almost the same. The monotonous and the mundane mean very little to them because they are so busy living it. I, myself, have always considered being such a way to be regressive indeed. Sometimes I feel that I am so unique that it makes me virtually alone. And for anyone, that should be painful. I think we, as humans, all share a basic need to have others be interested in us and to feel that we are cared about. But, perhaps being alone is just an inevitable reality that even the most stouthearted of us has to deal with.

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