Saturday, November 20, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

I forced myself to watch the remake of a very popular 80's horror classic the other day, and it really made wonder just how desperate filmmakers are for new, decent material. To say they butchered it was a definite understatement. I personally believe there really hasn't been a great horror movie produced for years. And it just goes to show that what I've been saying for ages rings especially true now. People are exhausted by the same old formula that horror movies are created with. They want fresh blood, if you will. Ideas are the very fabric of producing anything, and it does make me wonder how open the Hollywood elites are to new ones. Ones that are based on originality not commercialism. I think its time for them to realize that the only reason horror ever made it as a successful genre was because someone took a chance on an obscure subject. That subject is not as obscure as it once was. In order for people to become the fanatics they used to be, a new approach is needed I think. The 'same old, same old' must be replaced. Hopefully, I can soon turn people's heads, and their stomachs, with MY material!

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