Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally finished!

I recently finished my 25th short story, 'One Night in Csejthe'. Being elated as usual after finishing a story, this time I think I am even more. This particular story carried with it several problems and challenges from day one. I had writer's block for weeks on end sometimes, and that was not the only thing I had to deal with. Life usually throws us all curve-balls but the amount of distractions I had while writing this story was unparalleled. From having to help move family members several times, to having to clear things out at my own home, it can be quite nerve wracking. I think that is why I'm so proud of myself for actually finishing it. There were several times during the writing process where I wanted to just quit because I thought it was taking too long and I didn't know which direction the story was going to go but I'm glad I didn't. I think it's just another lesson for myself that perseverance always pays off in the end. A writer writes, always. Now, I am going to start a new story titled 'To the Victor, The Spoils'.

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