Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking down on criticism

It is always when we are judged or have our work critiqued that either our best, or our worst comes out. Personally, I have never had too much time for those that try to harshly judge me. Whenever someone tries I simply resort to the age old response 'How are you any better?' It never fails, someone who has never created anything in their life feels like they can stomp all over someone Else's work for whatever reason and I see it all the time. They always try to add in their two cents as if hearing that would actually improve the quality of my work. If anything, it would be detrimental to it. If you give certain people an inch , they will wind up taking much more than a mile. Agree to listen to their supposed help, and, chances are, they are going to have you forget about your instincts entirely and be something you are not. I have one message for anyone who has any form of critique regarding my work, Don't read it!

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