Thursday, November 4, 2010

A real freak

A freak should never feel shame. I have said this countless times in my life, and it still rings just as true for me today. People that have never experienced being one, could never know. I find it rather amusing when browsing social online sites (i.e Facebook, Myspace, etc) because I see several pretenders(people that say they are different or act different simply to get attention) But I doubt these same people have ever encountered the daily occurrences that every freak must face. I doubt they have endured the REAL pain that comes with the territory. The pains of rejection, humiliation, unwarranted hatred, dire loneliness, and so on. I doubt most of them could deal with it. That leads me to the question: Why pretend you're a freak? Being a freak isn't exactly something anybody strives to become. You just are whether you like it or not. If you truly are not a freak and just want an expanded social life, there are probably other ways of getting the job done. As for myself, I never had a choice. No matter which road I chose in life, it always brought me back to the same path. After a while you simply embrace it.

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