Thursday, January 7, 2016

Problem with 'Dreams'

'Dream'. The word itself con notates images of subconscious and non-attainable fantasies beyond all sense of imagination. I find it quite ironic that when people discuss the subjects of achieving goals, especially when they pertain to ones destiny, the very terminology they use can actually be counterproductive. Even though I more than understand that no ill will is meant when someone says to anyone that they should always strive to 'live their dreams', I honestly believe they should spend more time to decipher what it is they really mean. Specifics might be more along the lines of 'Strive to attain your highest aspirations'  or 'Achieve your most desirable potential' because I feel if your not totally specific, than anyone you might wish those positive influences on might waste more time 'chasing' the dream than actually living it. When you consider that a dream is little more than an uncontrollable series of visions one experiences when they submit to slumber, to wish someone a life revolving around the same dynamic leaves plenty to be desired.

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