Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pressing on, as usual

My time lately has been non-existent. Having taken on the ambitious endeavor of working two jobs and writing my new dark fantasy when time presents, I can honestly say I have a much deeper appreciation for rest, namely sleep. I can literally say I have worked the last month non-stop and still the passion remains. I believe that sometimes a writer must prove to themselves just how far they are willing to go to achieve their greatest aspirations, even if it means having no life outside of work and production. It always makes me remember something my first employer told me when it came to 'Getting Rich', as he would say. ' You go do what the other guy won't do'
Perhaps the same principle rings true with the creative world.
Since there are literally thousands of writers, and I don't know how many other artists of other trades, maybe the only way to get noticed outside of them all is to simply press on.
If, or if not the case, I don't see any other option presenting itself to me at the moment. And maybe that's a good thing

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