Tuesday, March 27, 2012

'To the Victor, the Spoils' excerpt

This next excerpt is from the story 'To the Victor, the Spoils'

'From the time of his birth, Uruk had a heart full of treachery. Hungry for power, he was elated when news spread that the king of all the land lay dying. Cunning and resourceful, he maneuvered his way close to the king to make sure he would be considered a successor. How enraged he became when, even though dying, the king refused to choose between Uruk himself and another well known and loved noble, Leacious. With his rage as his guide, Uruk traveled north in search of her, a witch who worshiped the ancient goddess Hecate. Though she was thought of as a myth, Uruk was certain that when he found her, her powers of clairvoyance would help him achieve his goal. With a small troop of men, he made his way outside of the borders of his country and into the wild lands...'

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