Sunday, March 11, 2012

'The Heathen Desecration' excerpt

This next excerpt comes from the story 'The Heathen Desecration'. The inspiration to write this story came from the interactions that the Vikings had with the Irish shortly after the dark ages.

'Upon the shores of Anagh, in Ireland, calmness and serenity was shared by all. On it's glorious hill the cathedral of St. Patrick, Ireland's chosen saint, stood in magnificence. Peace and prosperity had flourished throughout the countryside and there was no indication that any change would occur. To the outside view, it must have seemed like Heaven on Earth and to those fortunate enough to live there, it was. The sole inhabitants of Anagh, aside from merchants and wanderers, were the monks of the cathedral. Pious men who considered their creed and destination a true blessing from above. By principle, they would never consider lifting a hand in anger, even to defend themselves, and spent day after day in laborious duty and prayer. Never would they think about casting judgement on another human being, for everything was God's will. That perception of security and tranquility would change however, the night the Norsemen came....'

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