Thursday, March 8, 2012

Excerpt from 'The Presence of Rage'

The next excerpt comes from a story that deals with the subject of entities that can actually harm the living. The title of this story is 'The Presence of Rage'.

'Again the mundane silence was shattered. Disrupted by unexplained chaos, the once happy and peaceful home life of a God-fearing man and his lovely wife and daughter was in turmoil. As objects flew through the air, his loved ones would feel invisible hands groping and slapping them. As he would do his utmost to protect them, he would feel the sting of unseen jaws sinking into his flesh. Being a Christian, he tried everything in his power to expel this evil spirit using the words of the bible. To no avail did his faith serve him. All the sermons seemed to do was enrage the spirit all the more. It was only a few weeks earlier that the family had no such contact at all. Life had been sublimely ordinary. With great subtlety, the entity would enter....'

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