Saturday, November 15, 2014

Prodding along with third novel

As I continue working on my third novel, the reality is very apparent that this particular book is challenged by certain time constraints. Even though I never give up on writing anything until the final word is put to paper, delays of any kind are always aggravating. But, on the bright side, the story line of 'Homage to Baphomet' is coming along rather keenly. As all of my other tales of the macabre do, it seems to be writing itself. As I await the copyright numbers of my previous novels, hopefully I can be completed with this one by the time I get them. And with the prospect of my travel articles gaining in popularity, necessity demands that I write more of them as well. Recently, I had the privilege of reading of certain aspects of the ghost story writer, Algernon Blackwood, and I love finding certain  parallels within myself and the greats of the past, no matter how obscure they may be to the rest of the world. He was also an Occult enthusiast and a member of the magical Order of the golden dawn (The same group that Aleister Crowley belonged to at one point in his life). Such findings I always welcome.

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