Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Love of Music

Usually I don't like to stray from the subject of Horror literature and all other macabre things between, but on certain occasions I tend to explore other avenues that make me no less than who I really am. The subject of Music is rather a particular one for me because I am so absolutely selective when regarding it. Not just any type of music will do. It has to fit a certain criteria, if you will. I have to feel that a certain standard of excellence was adhered to as it was being composed. When I see the vast majority of music that is promoted today, I just shake my head and become even more grateful for the musical masterpieces of the past. When considering genre's, Nothing quite moves me like Heavy Metal Be it Power, Speed, Black, 80's, Gothic, or any other, I just can't seem to get enough of it. When I was roughly about ten years old, I was fortunate enough to see the video for the Judas Priest song 'A Touch of Evil' in the days when MTV actually played decent music and the second I did, I was hooked. I knew right then and there that I needed that style of music in the same fashion a heroin addict needed their fix. In the decades that have followed that memorable night, I have discovered so many wondrous and fascinating songs, I couldn't imagine life without them! I also have an affinity for other style's of music, as well. For instance, I am a fan of Loreena Mckennett, I find her folk style music entrancing and at the same time hauntingly beautiful. Classical, Egyptian, Spanish Flamenco, Somber piano themes, and others also catch my fancy. Melody has to be a key component in anything I listen to and just as I hold myself to a high caliber standard while I complete my writings, the same rings true for any music I choose to appreciate.

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