Sunday, June 29, 2014

A third novel?

Again, the demon has come. Filling my mind with its morbid imagery and not letting me have a moments peace until I heed its malevolent call. It never fails. No matter how many stories or novels I complete, the inevitable is always close behind. A flashing picture from the back of my consciousness invades my serenity and commands me to put pen to paper, the only way I write my rough drafts by the way. And then, a host of other elements are put to use. Music, incense, wine, and possession! The next project I'll be working is my third novel. Titled 'Homage to Baphomet', it revolves around certain mythology involving the Knights Templar and many Elitist Occult groups. Indeed it is strange how such subject matter attracts itself to me, but never-the-less I embrace it. My first novel took me three months to the day to complete. My second one took me seven. I honestly wonder how long this one will take.

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