Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reviews of the fickle

The other day I had someone give my first book a less than favorable review. Of course, It did little more than upset me. But before I began to second guess my work, which she dubbed anti-climatic, I had to ask myself a very simple question: What had this person ever achieved that made her opinion worth anything to anyone? You can assume that the answer was, of course, nothing. As writers, we must always remember that there are far more negative and opinionated people who are all in a big hurry to belittle someone else's work than there are those who create anything worth creating. Putting everything into proper perspective, I laughed the whole thing off. I also noticed that this same person gave favorable reviews to books that could be best described as trendy. This made me even less inclined to pay her the slightest attention. In a perfect world, people like the a fore mentioned narrow mind, would stick to reviewing the mundane and popular monotonous works of hack writers, and let real HORROR fans review real HORROR books!

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