Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why are we here?

I find it amusing when people actually state that they have the true reason we are all here upon the Earth. And I have heard them all. 'God wants us here', 'To figure out some sort of moral understanding', 'Were here for each other'. They all make about the same amount of sense.
The truth is that No one really knows. Not religions. Not Scientists, Not the people who claim to be wise. No one. It's kind of confusing. I think I would like to know what life's purpose is and why we all have to go through all of these ridiculous trials. What is the purpose of that? I mean, for the most part, we don't really learn anything from them. And sometimes, they seriously hinder us. Consider any true freak. What good has his or her affliction benefited them. What have they learned from being ostracized from everyone and laughed and jeered at? Besides learning the obvious fact that people can be cruel, I don't think they have gained anything from it. And the pain from going through such experiences stays with us forever sometimes. It is a fortunate person indeed who can forget such events. Maybe we learn the real reason of life when we die. But, if thats the case, do we really ever learn anything from it? To this day I cannot answer that question.

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