Monday, February 28, 2011

Doing only what pleases you

I once read where someone said that their personal philosophy was that 'If something isn't fun, I won't do it.' I must say that I agree with that philosophy 100 percent. If you think about it, how is anyone actually benefiting themselves by doing things they honestly can not stand? If anything, they are causing detriment to their lives. Time wasted in such a manner takes away from time you can spend doing things you love. I have heard many excuses people tell themselves justifying the fact that they do this. Whether it's paying bills, taking care of families, and so on. While I respect that those reasons can in fact hold significance in people's lives, everyone must remember that we are all living on borrowed time. The fact is no one knows when their number is up so to say. If someone feels that the only reason for their life is to repeatedly engage in a series of miserable experiences (and you would be surprised at how many people feel this way) they are going to be extremely sorry when they are finally nothing more than a worm feast. As for myself, I don't care if I live for only one more minute or one hundred years. I'm going to spend it doing as I wish.

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