Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you believe?

My own personal philosophy has been for years 'You are what you believe in'.
I believe that this relates to most people in general. It usually takes a person who can break out of the mold of general thinking and believe in something lavish and grand to accomplish something that is worth doing. Although the same person will probably be criticized non-stop by his lesser thinking peers, they will no doubt be unique in the sense that their life will be worth something because of what they accomplish. And they will only accomplish it because of what they believe in. I try to set my sights to the skies if you will and never try to adopt beliefs that hinder me at all, be they religious or otherwise. Whenever I hear someone who states that they don't believe in anything I have to take a look at the core of what they have done in their life, the daily sense of positivity they feel, and what benefit they are towards others. Chances are, they are what they believe in!

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