Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Imagery versus Reality

A large part of being a writer is the understanding of the power of imagery. Imagery can inspire and incite and no matter the subject involved, it always has the ability to stay both beautiful and interesting. Reality on the other hand is a completely different animal altogether. Reality usually becomes both tedious and ugly very quickly. Think of the classical depiction of the Sorcerer. In terms of Imagery, they are powerful, wise, in full control of themselves and of their surroundings and possessing knowledge and abilities the rest of the world could only imagine having. In reality, most modern day sorcerers live obscure and mostly impoverished lives. Many of the rituals they perform have very little, if any, effect on the world around them and many of them do what they do either for family tradition, or a desperate act of gaining attention or financial reward. The same things can be said in regards to satanists and witches. I, myself, never forget the need of imagery to separate the exorbitant from the mediocre. It, in and of itself, is the ultimate tool to forge what is most important in literature, and everything else in between: Interest.

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