Thursday, September 19, 2013

Excerpt from 'Virtue's Villainy: The Flaccid Depths of Decay'

The following is an excerpt from my most recently completed short story 'Virtue's Villainy: The Flaccid Depths of Decay'.

'The fanciful wooden door creaked as it opened. Sticking her scarf draped head around the corner from it, a mocha-colored woman looked in and saw an older, distinguished gentleman holding a small glass of bourbon. "You called, Mr. Wellis, sir?" Standing in his study among a large expensive desk and tall shelves full of books on law and history, he motioned with his hand for her to come inside the room. "Close the door, please." Slowly closing the door, she was hesitant to walk towards the man, as she knew what it would entail. Walking behind her, he removed her dress of tattered cloth and as he proceeded to force himself upon her, she did her best to put the terrible scenario out of her mind....'

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