Saturday, January 26, 2013

Other side of Horror

I must admit, my novel isn't going to be like the rest of my past works. The differences are not only going to be in terms of length, but also of theme. You see, I write what I like to call 'Elemental Horror'. Essentially, that means I take all of the different facets of Horror from Gothic to Gore, Satanic, Erotic, and so on. One highly overlooked aspect of Horror is the theme of Sadness, or the tragedy, if you will. It carries with it the other side of Horror with themes such as emptiness, loss, pain, and such. Writers such as Sylvia Plath touched on the subject. In my novel, there wont be any Magic Rituals or mass slayings. But, there will be other topics keen to Horror such as Mental Illness, Automatic Writing, and, of course, the theme of Melancholy. I'm giving myself a deadline of 8 months. I don't know if I'm going to attempt other Novels after this one, I guess it all depends on how much I enjoy myself while writing it. 

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