Saturday, August 18, 2012

When does it end?

The first post I wrote on this blog stated that I was in a life-or-death struggle with obscurity. While I have taken many steps in making my dream a reality, the fact remains that the struggle is just as real today as it was back then. The questions I keep asking myself are when does it all change? When does the obscurity become a less-than-pleasant memory? And what do you do when nothing seems to work out the way you want it to? To this day I still cannot answer them. But, maybe the the real answer lies more with action. Maybe if I continue with my dreams, whether right or wrong, maybe, just maybe, they will materialize. You never really know in life. And while it would be sad if I continued doing every effort I could only to never reach my full potential, it would be ten times worse if I quit and my goal was inches from becoming fulfilled.

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